Update: 2023/02/03

The League of Traders guide on how to issue an API key through Bitmex for mobile.

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  1. Log in to your Bitmex account and click on the profile icon to reveal a drop-down menu. Select "API Keys".

*Please make sure to visit the Bitmex website on desktop or mobile browswer, API keys cannot be created via the Bitmex app.


  1. Select the following permissions:


  2. Copy the “ID” and “API Secret”, store this information somewhere safe.

    Note: The ****secret key will not appear again, so please be mindful. You could permanently lose access to your API key if you lose these codes.



Connecting your API key to League of Traders

Once you have successfully created your API key, connect it to your League of Traders account.

  1. Go to the League of Traders app and select “API” from your profile page.


  1. On the API page, click “+Add” to link a new API key.